WUPP CS-642A2 Manual Reset IP67 Waterproof E99 Circuit Breaker Fuse+Switch

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WUPP CS-642A2 Manual Reset IP67 Waterproof E99 Circuit Breaker Fuse Inverter+Switch for Car Light
1. Protect the circuit on the vehicle to prevent the load from being burned due to excessive current (ie, electrical appliances such as lights, car refrigerators, fans, etc.).
2. Installation scope: Can be used in vehicles such as small sedans, off-road vehicles, sports cars, SUVs, buses, boats, yachts, etc.
3. Range of use: Can be used to control automotive headlights, work lights, anchor lights, car refrigerators, car vacuum cleaners, car TV and other electrical appliances.

1. Product working voltage is 32V, universal 12V, 24V all motorcycles, cars, boats, etc., use a very wide range of installation.
2. Wide range of rated current value, 25-250A optional, can protect any load electrical appliance on the car.
3. Product automatic reset, manual reset, manual reset + switch Multi-functional design, use operation will be more flexible, the scope of application will be wider.
4. The product uses bakelite material, very hard, working temperature -32 °C - 82 °C, the heat of explosion, cold and frost resistance, the use of the environment is not high, the use of a broader range.
5. The product meets the SAE vehicle standard and UL1500 test standard, and the quality is very good, meeting the export requirements of any country.

Brand: WUPP
Product Model:CS-642A1
Product Name: New Breaker E99 Manual Reset + Switch
Product size: 74*48.2*44.4mm/2.91*1.89*1.74''
Product net weight: 99g
Product material:Bakelite
Rated voltage: DC32V
Maximum voltage: DC48V
Rated current:150A
Product Current Range: 25-250A Amperage, can be customized (working temperature): -32 °C - 82 °C
Storage temperature: -34°C--149°C
Stud size: 1/4"-28 & 3/8"-16
Working mode: automatic reset / manual reset / manual reset + switch, a variety of operating modes available
Test Standard: SAE J1627 J1171 UL1500
Protection class: IP67

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:
1 x Circuit Breaker Reset Fuse Inverter+Switch

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