PM-LP-SLPLP G1/4 Aluminum Computer Water Cooling Radiator Heat Exchanger

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PM-LP-SLPLP G1/4 Aluminum Computer Water Cooling Radiator Single Row 18 Tubes Heat Sink Exchanger
1. Used for PC water cooling system or other various industrial equipment and electronic chip cooling.
2. The side panels are spray-coated, smooth and textured.
3. One-time welding forming technology, single-row heat dissipation; water-tight device is designed inside the upper water compartment to prevent water from stringing, and keep your hardware safe.

Style: 240
Color: gold
Material: aluminum
Thread: G1/4
Size: 240: 270 x 120 x 30mm/10.6 x 4.72 x 1.18"

Below the screw hole is the water pipe, so you can't use long screws. 
Screw must not reach any position on the net surface, otherwise it will cause water leakage.

Package Content:
1 X Water Cooling Radiator
1 X Set of Screws

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