6in1 AC 60-500V/100A Blue Backlight LCD Digital Multifunctional Panel Meter

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6 in 1 AC 60-500V/100A Blue Backlight LCD Digital Multifunctional Panel Meter
Test: AC Voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor, energy.
Energy clearing method: press key or automatically.
Display type: LCD with blue backlight;"7-display mode" are selectable.
Blue backlight is adjustable: high light/low light/no-light.
Built-in key, the voltage and current can be calibrated; other options can be set and switched.
Update speed of the display value: Fast/Standard/Slow
Display accuracy: Three digits / Four digits
Power down memory function.
The decimal point is automatically shifted
With a back cover, safe, dustproof, protect the circuit board.
Wiring is simple: No need to connect the power supply; No need to buy a transformer or shunt for the current testing, the instrument comes with it.
Built-in shunt. Don't need to buy separately.

Press key operation:
MODE key:
Press it, switch the display mode:
Only display Frequency(Hz)--Only display Power Factor(PF)--Only display Energy(kWh)--Cycle display (PF) or (Hz)--Cycle display (PF) or (kWh)--Cycle display (Hz)  or (kWh)--Cycle display (Hz), (PF) or (kWh)
Long press it, enter the setting mode or confirm.

SET key:
Each time press it , switch a backlight brightness: high light, low light, no light
Setting mode: each time press, Number increases or switch corresponding option
Long press it, cancel the setup or exit.

Working conditions:
Operating temperature: -10~ +50℃
Working humidity: 10~80% (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa
Sun exposure: no direct exposure

Voltage measuring range: AC 60.00-500.0V
Voltage measuring resolution: 0.01V(<100V); 0.1V(>100V)
Current measuring range: AC 0.020-99.99A 
Current measuring resolution: 0.001A(<10A); 0.01A(>10A)
Active power range: 00.00-9999KW
Active power resolution: 0.1W(00.0-999.9W); 1W(1000-9999W); 0.1KW(010.0KW-999.9KW); 1KW(>1000KW)
Frequency range: 45.00-65.00Hz
Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
Power factor range: 0.000-1.000
Power factor resolution: 0.001
Energy range: 0.000-9999KWh
Energy resoluation: 0.001KWh(0.000-9.999KWh); 0.01KWh(10.00-99.99KWh); 0.1KWh(100.0KWh-999.9KWh); 1KWh(>1000KWh)
Weight: 49g
Size: 79 x 43 x 26mm/3.11 x 1.69 x 1.02"
Mounting hole: 76 x 39.5 mm/2.99 x 1.56"

The decimal point of voltage, current, active power and energy is automatically shifted.
Package Content:
1 x Multifunctional Digital AC Panel Meter

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