10pcs RFID Smart Entrance Guard Card 125Khz EM4100 Door Control ID Cards

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10pcs RFID Smart Entrance Guard Card 125Khz EM4100 Non-contact ID Cards Door Control Entry Access EM Card
1. Card to card reader to transfer data modulation mode is loading amplitude modulation.
2. The data in the card is encoded with a BPSK phase shift keying method with strong anti-interference capability.
3. The data rate of the card reader is 3.9kbps (THRC12) or 6.62kbps (THRC13).
4. Data storage using EEPROM, data storage time more than 10 years; data storage capacity is 64 bits, including manufacturers, publishers and user code.
5. The card number can not be changed after writing the card, so as to ensure the security of the card number.
6. In addition to encapsulating the standard card shape, the THRC13 chip can also be encapsulated into chips and other shapes according to application requirements.
7. Compared with the contact IC card, the non contact ID card needs no pluggable card. It avoids all kinds of failures due to poor mechanical contact, so it has the advantages of convenient, fast, reliable, long life and so on.
8. Although it is only a kind of read-only card, but the use of back-end computer control management, even the problem involving charge management can also be applied in a certain range, such as dining room charge management.
9. In view of the specific application, the personal data of the cardholder can be sent to the backstage computer, the database is set up and the application software is configured.
10. The card number of the card reader is sent to the backstage computer by the card reader, and the personal data of the cardholder is transferred from the database, and then the operation is carried out according to the specific application, so the application scope is very wide.

Non-contact ID cards can be used in identification and addressing control, such as access, security, attendance, and other fields, and can also be extended to the exhibition, park, hotel, restaurant and other public places, such as tickets, preferential cards and so on. And the production process, postal parcels, air railway transportation, product packaging, transportation and other departments of logistics, electronic labels, anti-counterfeit signs, one-time tickets and many other fields.

Product material: PVC
Product specification: 86mm*54mm*8mm (3.39 inches *2.13 inch *0.31 inch)
Product weight: 63g
Package size: 150mm*15mm*8mm (5.91 inches *0.59 inch *0.31 inch)
Packing weight: 65g
Chip: read-only card
Product classification: smart card

Please allow slight size differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

Package Content:
10 x ID Cards

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