USB 2-0 Audio TV Video VHS to DVD PC HDD Converter Adapter Capture Card

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Product Name: USB2.0 video capture card monitoring video capture card all the way to collect cards
Used to convert the analog signal directly into a digital signal to support the operation of the computer operation, and has a video function, real-time recording monitoring screen.
Video input: 1 real-time
Audio input: yes
Compression standard: Software compression (soft pressure card)
Network: No
Matching products: CD-ROM software
Port: usb2.0
Valid format: NTSC, PAL
Video input: One RCA Composite, One S-Video
Audio input: Stereo Audio (RCA) mm
Size: (L) 88mmx (W) 28mm x 9 (H) 18mm
Power supply: USB power supply
Video: NTSC: 720x 480, PAL: 720x 576 \
product description:
USB2.0 with audio video capture stick, it can directly through the USB interface does not require sound card to capture high-quality video and audio. Installation is very simple, no external power supply, can be used for computer or portable. We have a professional video capture software: vivid version 10.0, can provide you with the best editing features. Vivid video editing software allows you to capture the film editing has become very interesting. Can share the finished video on DVD, tape, web, mobile phone and other devices.

   have a professional, and easy to learn video editing software: vivid version of the software 10.0, and for video

   USB2.0 interface, do not need other power

   support brightness, contrast, color, saturation adjustment

   small and easy to carry products

   can be collected audio resources do not need sound card

   Plug and play

   Supports all formats: recorded on DVD +/- R / RW, DVD +/- 0VR, DVD-Video

   can be used for web conferencing / online meeting
Product Specifications:
Single video capture, USB 2.0 interface, support hot-swappable, no need to remove the chassis

Supports built-in USB 2.0 interface for laptops

High resolution, NTSC 720X480, PAL 720 X 480 or full-screen clear high pixel display

With installation CD, can be recorded monitoring / DVD / TV AV input images

Can capture high-quality dynamic and static images

Compatible with WINDOWS, Vista, Windows7
System Requirements:
1, Intel Pentium IV 1.8G processor or equivalent processor above;
2, the minimum 128MB memory or more;
3, the minimum 500MB available disk space or more;
4, USB2.0 interface;
5, support Windows XP / Vista Windows 7 32/64 bit;
6, optical drive;
7, the screen display resolution can not be less than 1024X768.
Technical Parameters:
1 USB2.0 interface, 480M ultra-high bandwidth;
2 high-definition, static and dynamic image acquisition;
3 Image resolution up to NTSC: 720 x 480; PAL: 720 x 576;
4 for PC and notebook computers;
5 support external video analog signal;
6 real-time acquisition compression;
7 size is (l) 88mm x (w) 28mm x (h) 18mm;
8 USB 2.0 interface video capture device;
9 provides a set of S-VIDEO and VIDEO (composite) input terminals;
10 can enter the video camera camera or medical equipment into the computer;
11 support TWAIN interface, can collect 702 x 576 single picture;
12 supports Microsoft Video for Windows interface;
13 support a variety of file formats: AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, JPG, BMP, etc .;
14 plug and play, no need to shut down, can be installed.
Package Content:
1 * capture card full set

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